Our trip to the Ice Castles

Located in Lincoln, New Hampshire stand beautiful, manmade ice castles.  A few months back, I had seen many friends on my facebook feed talking about how awesome this place was and that they were planning to do a return trip again this year. Soooo, I wanted to see what these ice castles had to offer.  I have a few tips if your planning to embark on this adventure:

  • Purchase tickets in advance online! Our trip was pretty last-minute. I originally wanted to go around 4pm or later so that we could see the castles all lit up at night but seeing as we were only heading out for a day trip, we made the decision to buy tickets for 12 noon when it opened.  The people who pre bought tickets online entered in first as the ones who did not wait in stand by line to get in.
  • Dress warmly folks! This is an obvious one! Your are literally surrounded by ice!  I did not wear the proper snow boots.
  • They suggest bringing a sled if you have any little ones. I brought one but left it in the car. Let’s face it, my almost three-year old was not going to be sitting in a sled. I think the sled idea is great but geared towards kids under 2.
  • We also chose to go on the weekend because our kids are in school. If your able to though I would suggest going during the week. It’s not only cheaper but less crowded. For us the crowd was not at all bad at 12 noon. When we left however, around 2pm the crowds started to pack in.
  • If your driving over 2 hours to come, it’s probably best to stay over night. If my daughter did not have ccd the next morning for her first communion ..you can bet we would have found a place to stay for the weekend.
  • Be knowledgeable about reentry. Once your inside if you leave you may not re-enter!

So how was it!?? My children had the best time. I have to admit when we first drove up, I looked at the outside of everything and thought… this was it??? As we entered in the detail of the sculptures, the tunnels and fountain were all wonderful. My little ones couldn’t contain themselves. We also came across a tunnel slide that the kids all went down multiple times.  One suggestion I have for you all, is that if you go right when this opens…head straight to the slide and go down as many times as possible. Once people realize its there…the line gets long. We also saw three girls who were portraying Elsa, Anna, and cinderella.  My daughter had told me she knew those were not the real ones because the real ones live in Disney World. The two girls who were Anna and Cinderella almost seemed like they were 12 years old. They have pictures you can take with the Ice Princess when your first walk in or a picture with your family in front of the entrance.

If your feeling a little chilly, you can check out their little shack that has hot chocolate! And they have a small gift shop as you exit. It isn’t anything spectacular but it is warm!

These Ice castles are up depending on the season. As I called to speak to someone about buying tickets they told me it goes a week to week depending on the weather and how cold it may be. Generally they run from December through February. There are also other locations you may travel too if you’re not in the New England area. They are hosting Ice castles this year in Midway, UT, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They will also be arriving in  Stillwater, MN and Wisconsin Dells, WI.

If your interested in visiting these beautiful Ice Castles here is the link to check them out!

Ice Castles


Also be sure to check out our pictures from this ice adventure! A video will be posted soon!

XOXO MOmmy Alicia



Christmas Light Searches! Part 1

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season! Can you  believe its only 2 weeks until Christmas Eve!????!!!

During the month of December our family loves to do so many fun things. One of traditions include looking for the best christmas lights around in the Massachusetts area!  Last night we went to a house in Sutton, Ma that was simply amazing!  His company L & R Lighting does a fantastic job! The lights light up with the music! My kids had such a blast last night watching this family’s house! He has his own radio station to go along with the lights and even better he is collecting donations for the Jimmy Fund!

I always explain to my kids that this holiday season is not just about receiving gifts from people and like any child they do enjoy that part! But they totally understand and enjoy this time of giving as well!

So the house is on a 4 way stop intersection and its a very busy street. What most of the cars do is they pull to the side of the and wait in a line. Generally after each song a car will put out and everyone moves up!  So if you’re in the area look this house up! It is a must see on our Christmas light adventure!

Check out the link below on our You tube Page to see the show!  And if your in the area make a donation to the Jimmy Fund in his donation box!!!!

L & R Lighting Christmas Lights

XOXO Mommy Alicia

Dreaming of vacation!

Anyone who knows me, knows my big thing in life is to travel! I almost feel as though I would rather shower my kids with life’s adventures than spoiling them all year long with toys… ( which btw I definitely do not do!) As a kid, my parents loved to travel, mainly outside the US to tropical places, but it became such a  huge part in my life.

Before my husband and I got married, we had said we would do a big vacation every few years and small trips every year. At the time we of course had no idea how having one child after the next would slightly alter those plans. And then even more so as they entered school. Now the only time for us to travel is school breaks or summer. Before our eldest was in kindergarten we loved being able to have the freedom to just go away during the week. We would often travel to New Hampshire in the fall and every place would be empty. Ah, those were the days!

I feel lucky though. I have to admit many people would say that traveling with more than 2 children is quite taxing. I actually quite enjoy it! I look forward to watching them enjoy the same things and places as, ask questions, and their facial expressions.

Alas, as the cold weather approaches I can only dream of a get away. We went to Disney world this past January. Oh, I know! What am I complaining about?! well, im not! I am just dreaming.  I actually count down the days until my husband says those words ” Let’s plan Disney again!” or ” how about a nice long beach vacation!”

As our 2016 year ends and we are getting ready to ring in the new year, we have decided we would try to save up. We would love to take the kids to Hershey Park this year, and try out the Cape Codder resort in Cape Cod!  I hope to do a review on those if we can make it out there! We also decided to get our youngest a passport! We want to take them up to Canada again and experience Niagara falls on the Canadian side!

One Vacation I would love to try to get to is Hawks Cay in the Florida Keys.  They have a small water area for the kids with a pirate ship, and a beautiful lagoon they can swim in and snorkel. As far as I could tell, I did not see much of a beach area aside of the lagoon. I also noticed they had dolphin encounters. My husband is not a huge fan of the tropics, so this is probably the best we will get until the kids are older!

Where is your dream vacation?!

Until then let’s keep dreaming!


XoXo Mama Alicia

Tiny Magician Birthday Party..Part 2

All day my little nugget waited patiently for his birthday festivities to begin. I was very anxious myself ..for two reasons. Over the course of time we have found out that our dear Shawn does not take loud noises and overwhelming situations well. He does have some sensory issues but nothing that isn’t manageable. Secondly, I also knew ahead of time the magician would be making birds and bunnies appear. My son is petrified of every animal besides a cat. Knowing all this ahead of time, I kept my fingers and toes crossed that this would all go well.

As we arrived 15 minutes early to set up our stuff, the three kids ran anxiously into building. Let me state my one and only complaint of the evening was that the party room and magic room were on the third and top floor of the building which resulted in all of us sweating even though it was 40 something degrees outside.

With that being said….. this was by far one of the best birthday parties we have had to celebrate for one of our kids. The magician was above it all. He was simply amazing and held not only the attention of 20 kids between ages 2-9 but involved the adults and had some adult humor as well.

The majority of the show, my son was the star doing his own magic. A few friends and cousins also had the chance to do some magic. Shawn had the best time being a tiny magician. When it came to the animals, he actually showed no fear and let the birds stay on his hand. The rabbit, he was a bit unsure of but managed well. The show was full of non stop laughter and memorable afternoon.

Once the show was finished we all moved over to the party room. It was a bit chaotic with so many hyped up kids, but then SPIDERMAN came! Of course the majority of the older kids blurted out that he was not the real one but my son luckily hadn’t noticed. I have to shout out to my younger cousin to whom I have always tortured with dress up and once again 15 years later he agreed once more but for my son as his idol to make an appearance! He was wonderful!! After that they did pictures with him as well as cupcakes and ice cream. At the very end the magician made balloon animals for each kid and we passed out our goody bags!

My son truly had the best time, and his face in the pictures and videos are truly priceless. He is such a blessing to us!

Enjoy the pictures from the party! We will have a youtube video posted this week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Xoxo mommy Alicia

My littlest little…isn’t so little anymore!

So I have noticed my pattern of blogging on a sunday night instead of during the week. These days are flying by and honestly have so much going on. So tonight’s little blog is on my littlest, little one who is just growing up WAY too fast. Please stop… I beg of him.

I feel as though I am having so many mixed emotions, not sure if it’s because he’s growing so fast or if it’s because my husband and I have been hoping God blesses us with another healthy one for almost a year now or maybe I’m just a normal, hormonal mama! Aren’t we all though? I mean really ….

So this week has been insanely crazy. The older kids have so many activities going on with school and they are gearing up for Halloween (which im honestly dreading but that’s a post for another day) I’ve been carting them to their after school activities all the while trying to keep up the [pace with projects and cleaning at home….. On top of that Thursday, I decided to just take the diaper off and see what happens.

Let’s rewind though. So my husband hs been lucky enough to get some tickets to see the Boston Celtics and he has been trying to take each kid to a game so its fair. Such a great daddy he is!  So on Monday, he decided to take Mr. Nate to his first game. In my opinion i thought he seemed a bit young but the kid is obsessed with sports. He had such a  great time! During the week I have been watching him become so much more self-sufficient, that im actually sad that he doesn’t seem to need me anymore.. Yes i know im crazy he’s a 2.5 year old..of course he needs me! I’m not stupid!  It’s just weird he goes on his own merry way, happy as a clam and sits and plays with his trucks and trains. He still gives me his hugs and kisses, but teases me a lot and runs from them. He even graduated his first session of gymnastics. Nathan is going to be three in February and I’m just not ready.

What I was ready for was no more diapers.  I have waited long enough. With my first I trained her 3 days straight and she had number 1 perfect in less than 24 hours but she must have had over 100 accidents. I trained her at the age of 2. My second i wanted till we came back from Disney and he was 3 months from turning 3. He ended up getting number 2 faster than number 1 (maybe its a boy thing) . He also had a million accidents. This time around I just decided to pull the diaper trigger and off it went. Bare bottom around the house the entire day and told him if he had to pee to run to the potty… and that he did!  Wait, what?! First try????? what is this craziness!?

On with the day we went… and with that being said as I was sitting here writing out my bills he runs to the potty and screams he went number 2. WHAT!!!!??? Is this normal?  Oh wait here’s the best part not once but twice he went by himself. SMART KID! Thank you Lord!! Now its been 3 days of training and he has had 3 accidents in 3 days!? I see a wonderful light and a savings of $50.00 a month on diapers….

I’m still sad though… could he be my last? I can’t complain I have three beautiful healthy ones and if this is what im meant to be i have to get over it. Cant he just stop growing though just for a bit!? 2 is my favorite age!

So as I end this for the night. Hug those little ones and give them those extra kisses! I know I will!

XoXo Mommy Alicia

Love these moments:

I don’t know about you all, but my absolute favorite age is between 2 and 3! I know everyone says they have their terrible twos!  With all three kids the only thing about 2 was bedtime routine but other than that i really enjoy watching their personality shine and them grow into their own.  Yeah ok they have their tantrum moments…but this is the perfect age. Everything is so new to them still and the smallest thing is just something new to be excited about that brings a smile to their face!

Here are some simple picture moments I wanted to share!