Our Little Family


We are very blessed to have these three healthy kids in our life. God has been very good to us and we greatly appreciate all we have. Growing up I always wanted a large family.  My husband came from a family with 3 other siblings and I with one.  We hope that the God will grant us more children in our future but if it is not God’s plan we know we are already blessed. So without further adu let me introduce our clan. In the middle we have our little lady, Alexis. She is a very energetic, non stop girly girl. She spends her time with family and friends and if she is not doing that she is reading her chapter books and dancing every second she gets the chance! Next we have our son Shawn who is only 15 months younger. He is very straightforward, loves his soccer, karate, gardening and can not get enough math! And finally we have our littlest, spunky all-star. He has quite the personality and we call him a little old man. He enjoys trucks of all kinds and every sport imaginable.

Then we have us…Mommy and Daddy! We are super busy chasing around these little ones we sometimes need to take a moment and focus on ourselves. I’m pretty sure though as busy as we can get when it comes to school and after school activities we wouldn’t change it for the world. So welcome to our site and hope you enjoy following our many adventures!

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xoxo Mommy Alicia