Halloween Photo Prop…

So over the course of the past week or so I have become a PA member for my kids school and have been going to the meetings. I don’t mind it honestly. We were all throwing out suggestions to improve or change up some of the school events aka The kid’s school Fright Night. So I’ll jump right in and be the first to say its very chaotic, loud, dark and the kids love it and most parents don’t .

I love being involved with their school. Now that my littlest is older I am able to contribute more at the school. So as I was browsing my friend pinterest looking for some ideas I came up with this photo-op idea for the kids. Just something different they could do on the side. I found one on pinterest of a picture with different halloween characters so i decide to go with it.

What I used :

  • 4×8 sheet of plywood
  • paint
  • top of a bucket to draw a circle

Not let me say this I have a creative mind but not a craetive hand. I can’t draw to save my life yet somehow this came out pretty cool. I started by sanding down the plywood and around the circles to make a smooth edge for the kids. I then penciled out an outline of each halloween character I wanted to do. I went very simple then added my own touches after two coats of paint. I used basic paint from the craft store. Here is how it went:

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Hope you like it!

XoXo Mommy Alicia