Adventures in ThomasLand!!

Every year I try to do something special with each one of my kids. A special day they can enjoy all their own. have been meaning to post about our trip that took place in October 2016!

I have always wanted to take my little one, Mr. Nathan to Thomas Land. He is OBSESSED with everything that has to do with Thomas and his trains…In fact any train really is his obsession. For over a month prior to our arrival I sought out opinions.

First of all as for his review, Nathan thought it was the best adventure yet. Leading up to our day trip, my concern was paying the price of $29 for him and $34 for myself was a  bit too pricey. I don’t know, maybe its just me but most admissions to places under the age of 3 are free. My only thought was this park is geared towards the 2-year-old obsessed children that can ride the majority of rides so they have reason to charge the price they do. My other concern was the height restrictions for rides. Luckily enough as I researched each ride for the parks, I found he could indeed ride most rides with the exception of  one roller coaster.

After looking at the calendar we decided to go in october during a friday while the older two were at school.  The hours were listed as 10 am to 8 pm originally, but this year the park’s website said 1pm – 8pm. We live about 1.5 hours from the park give or take with traffic, and with 2 other kids in school I had to arrange for a babysitter at 3pm until my husband could get out of work and bring them home.

We could have easily spent the entire day just riding the Thomas themed rides over and over again. There were other rides in the other section of edaville, but a lot at the time were out-of-order.  There was another section of the park as well, called Dino Land. This part honestly is a waste of time. There was one ride and it was shut down. All this section entailed was walking along a pathway looking at Dino sculptures. At the time it was decorated in a Halloween theme, with fog and broken skeletons and halloween themed music. Still was not worth the walk around.

Within Thomas Land, they had a great indoor play area for kids. A maze, ball bit and slides and bathrooms! Thank heavens! There is also a show that goes on by Tidman’s Shed with the trains a few times a day. They get the kids involved which is nice.  Right near the entrance to Thomas Land there is a wonderful gift shop! Word of advice: do not go in there if you have to be out by a certain time!  My son had to look at every single train item close up!

As much as we enjoyed it, and I know my son will be going back this year, I don’t believe i would ever take a child older than 4 to this park, unless they made some rides for older children.

I recently made a movie to sum up our day trip to Thomas Land! Be sure to check it out.

XOXO Mommy Alicia

Our Adventure in Thomas Land


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