Our trip to the Ice Castles

Located in Lincoln, New Hampshire stand beautiful, manmade ice castles.  A few months back, I had seen many friends on my facebook feed talking about how awesome this place was and that they were planning to do a return trip again this year. Soooo, I wanted to see what these ice castles had to offer.  I have a few tips if your planning to embark on this adventure:

  • Purchase tickets in advance online! Our trip was pretty last-minute. I originally wanted to go around 4pm or later so that we could see the castles all lit up at night but seeing as we were only heading out for a day trip, we made the decision to buy tickets for 12 noon when it opened.  The people who pre bought tickets online entered in first as the ones who did not wait in stand by line to get in.
  • Dress warmly folks! This is an obvious one! Your are literally surrounded by ice!  I did not wear the proper snow boots.
  • They suggest bringing a sled if you have any little ones. I brought one but left it in the car. Let’s face it, my almost three-year old was not going to be sitting in a sled. I think the sled idea is great but geared towards kids under 2.
  • We also chose to go on the weekend because our kids are in school. If your able to though I would suggest going during the week. It’s not only cheaper but less crowded. For us the crowd was not at all bad at 12 noon. When we left however, around 2pm the crowds started to pack in.
  • If your driving over 2 hours to come, it’s probably best to stay over night. If my daughter did not have ccd the next morning for her first communion ..you can bet we would have found a place to stay for the weekend.
  • Be knowledgeable about reentry. Once your inside if you leave you may not re-enter!

So how was it!?? My children had the best time. I have to admit when we first drove up, I looked at the outside of everything and thought… this was it??? As we entered in the detail of the sculptures, the tunnels and fountain were all wonderful. My little ones couldn’t contain themselves. We also came across a tunnel slide that the kids all went down multiple times.  One suggestion I have for you all, is that if you go right when this opens…head straight to the slide and go down as many times as possible. Once people realize its there…the line gets long. We also saw three girls who were portraying Elsa, Anna, and cinderella.  My daughter had told me she knew those were not the real ones because the real ones live in Disney World. The two girls who were Anna and Cinderella almost seemed like they were 12 years old. They have pictures you can take with the Ice Princess when your first walk in or a picture with your family in front of the entrance.

If your feeling a little chilly, you can check out their little shack that has hot chocolate! And they have a small gift shop as you exit. It isn’t anything spectacular but it is warm!

These Ice castles are up depending on the season. As I called to speak to someone about buying tickets they told me it goes a week to week depending on the weather and how cold it may be. Generally they run from December through February. There are also other locations you may travel too if you’re not in the New England area. They are hosting Ice castles this year in Midway, UT, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They will also be arriving in  Stillwater, MN and Wisconsin Dells, WI.

If your interested in visiting these beautiful Ice Castles here is the link to check them out!

Ice Castles


Also be sure to check out our pictures from this ice adventure! A video will be posted soon!

XOXO MOmmy Alicia



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