Dance Competition season has begun….

I used to feel that may through December just fly by between summer trips and holidays….but now as time goes on it’s all of sudden a whirlwind with kids activities. My son is still busy with Karate but he ends basketball in one more week. Spring soccer will begin in 2 months and in the meantime, I’ll be traveling to dance competitions with my daughter.  I really shouldn’t complain! I LOVE dance. I spent 15 years dancing myself as well as some teaching on the side.

So it has begun… the dance season. I have to admit, I was on the edge of my seat and almost sick to my stomach. Why??? Well because this is the first year my 7-year-old was going to do a solo. I was so nervous she would run off stage, panic or forget her routine and then be upset. I always prep talk her beforehand to just dance for yourself…no one else. If you make a mistake keep going, you’re the only one who knows the dance. Winning isn’t everything because it’s about being a team player and supporting others.

On that note, I anxiously sat in the audience, chewing my gum while she waited back stage. I have been anticipating this dance since last summer. First of the all the song is beautiful. It was one of my mother’s favorites… “The Prayer” but it was a cover song.

For never having done a solo before I thought she looked and did amazing. She did not come in on any overalls but received a gold adjudicated award.  I was so proud of her. I could tell she was nervous, and she kept looking down during the dance but just getting up there takes courage and I couldn’t be more happy!  With that I want to wish every dance studio and their teams out there , the best competition season and good luck! All of the dancers we danced with were so wonderfully talented!

Here are some pictures I received from her competition! Enjoy!

XOXO Mommy Alicia




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