Happy New Years!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about resolutions. Every year I tend to make some sort of resolution but you know what? Why bother?? I would rather make plans or goals to focus on certain things. I want to try not say this is it..this is what we are doing and that’s that!

So 2016 was not a bad year for us. Everyone has their ups and downs especially myself. This year I have struggled with my weight, gaining about 15 pounds since last june, watching my little two-year old go in and out of hospitals for 6 months with ear infection, one after the next and finally getting tube surgery. I however had so many more ups than downs! We were able to take a trip to disney in january (even though the kids got a stomach bug), we had many short few day vacations to great wolf lodge, Caonobie lake park and north Conway ,NH, and Kennebunkport ma. My kids are excelling in school and have many friends. I am truly blessed and grateful!

2017 lets bring it!  My tentative plan is to pray and hope that god blesses us with another healthy child. If it is not his plan that I shall continue to focus on my weight. I do not need to be toned or have hard rock abs! I would love however if it is not gods will for more children that I am able to work on losing weight the healthy way and finding the time to eat right and work out as best as I can. I would ideally love to lose 30 lbs but that’s definitely a hard goal!

Another thing I would like to do is focus on myself. I want to focus on what will and can make me happy. I have spent the past wonderful 7 years focusing on everything for my kids, and I promise to continue to do so. I would also love to focus on writing… my children’s books, my recipes for celiac purposes as well as our endless  lists of house projects. I am a pinterest addict! It has given me so much inspiration. Anything little to improve the house would be amazing.

I hope to spend less time worrying about nonsense and things that are not preventable. (im sort of worry wart!) Life is so short that you never know what card will be dealt your way.  As I focus on myself, I hope to plan more fun day tips with my kids and just enjoy the year as it is. Time certainly does fly by.

So with that little new year vent, I wish you all  safe and happy new years!

XOXO Mommy Alicia


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