My Christmas Coma and Recovery!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  For the first time in a few years, my daughter did not get sick the day after christmas. I however, caught a nasty cold that just will not go away!

So how was your holiday? Did you all travel or just stay in?  I felt like the christmas break just went by so incredibly fast. I have to say the kids seem to have a wonderful christmas. I entered into a Christmas coma and now currently on my way through recovery! HA

We started out on christmas eve day, cooking and baking for that night. once all the that was done, the kids and I prepared for christmas mass and then headed to my husband’s side of the family. generally on christmas eve we go to a hall beneath a church and eat dinner, dance and the kids wait for santa to arrive. this year it was nothing less than hectic. there are currently more than 20 great-grandchildren that go every year under the age of 10.

As the night progressed I was more than anxious for santa to arrive so that we could pack the kids up and get them home, showered and into bed. ironically the night actually flew by and before we knew it everyone was heading out!
Once we arrived home, my son ran to the computer to check the Santa Tracker to check his status. (If your kids are into that sort of thing, I recommend visiting the norad santa tracker page.) Milk, and cookie brownies were placed out by the fireplace and we shuffled the kids into bed. I think by then I was completely exhausted.

10:30 pm – Mommy and daddy still had to be on watch and put out gifts. I took the first shift watching the stair case as my husband brought up all the gifts from our basement. I then took second shift displaying everything, and filling the stockings.

This year, the kids had such a variety on their lists. My daughter asked for descendants dolls and “american girl” furniture. ( I say that because she thinks our generation brand from target is the same as american girl, and for that it makes it much cheaper to afford.) My son, Shawn begged for a ninja turtle house, bloxels and Nintendo ds. ( Pretty pricey don’t you think!?) Nathan, my little one, I’m pretty sure he would be happy with anything. Nathan asked for trucks, trains and a paw patrol airplane.

Oh to be young again and believe in all of this! It was so exciting placing these gifts out, but I have to be honest…I was way more anxious to wake up and watch my husband open his gifts!

I felt as though the night was dragging on. I must have finally fallen asleep at 2 am, and was awake by 530 am. Do you want to know what time my children woke????? 730 AM….!!!!!! ON CHRISTMAS!!!!! The anticipation was killing me!

After the kids finally woke, they raced downstairs and each of the them opened a gift at a time. Their faces were wonderful! My husband, and I always wait until the end of the kids gifts for us to open ours. I was beaming with excitement!!! My husband opened each gift and said thanks but then I sent him on a little hunt around the house. He found his last gift which was floor seats to the Boston Celtics! He certainly didn’t see that one coming.

After all the gifts were opened, living room cleaned up and stuff everywhere, the kids played from morning until night with their toys without ever turning on a tv!  It actually continued that way for the next 2 days!

I absolutely love christmas and the spirit of it all. My kids and I did our 25 days of christmas where we gave and bough for others, donated items to those in need and made things for people. And then we celebrated with gifts from Santa. I alway like to make sure the kids understand that Christmas is not just about getting toys and gifts of all sorts but what we do for those who need it.  My daughter ha already decided next year she wants to help donate items to a Pet shelter. I couldn’t be more proud.

All in all it was a perfect christmas for us. I hope you all were able to travel, see family and enjoy the spirit of the holidays! I also hope your children are not driving you up the wall during this school break!

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XOXO Mommy Alicia


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