Happy New Year’s Eve, Eve!

Oh how I remember the days .. pre kids…always had some sort of new years plan that included staying at a hotel somewhere, or going to dinner or a party. HA

Post kids- Lets just say it has died way down. Generally I make chocolate covered strawberries for the hubby and kids. We end up either doing take out for gluten-free pizza, Chinese food or the famous Wrights Chicken Farm ( which i highly recommend if you’re in the Rhode island or Massachusetts area)  Once dinner is done, the kids get showered up and pjs on. We tend to let them stay up a little later than normal. We will put some new years eve show on tv with music and play a few board games! The kids are looking forward to the new ones this year…googly eyes and secret life f pet. I’ll update you and let you know how that is. Finally its off to bed for me! there is no way i end up staying up until midnight!

At this point all I’m hoping for are my taste buds back to enjoy our new years eve dinner take out! I plan on taking the kids in the morning though to see the movie sing and then I promised that we attempt to make gluten-free doughnuts.

So with that I shall say good night. This mama needs some cough drops and NyQuil!


XOXO MOmmy Alicia


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