Snots, coughs, and bugs ! OH MY!!!

Tis the season….for the dreaded stomach bugs ! Ugh!!! So let me just tell you this has been a crazy week… when is it not? I mean really, never a dull moment. So last week my kid’s school attended a holiday concert at another school. Shortly after they arrived back students started getting sick. Not many but a few here and there. We heard rumors of a few who got sick in the school yard and some in the bust line….. in my mind nothing much worrying about….


Thursday morning of last week. I woke up and got the kids ready as we normally do. Then I started seeing online and getting phone calls about so many kids being sick. WHAT!? everyone a the same time?!?!?!  My nieces and nephews all spent the night with their heads over buckets…OMG I hate the puke bug!

Driving to school I dropped my kids off and noticed another child sick , head over a trash bin… umm okay maybe ill just take them home. NO , my husband insisted they go. My paranoia then set in, and as i opened the drop off door i lectured the children on hand washing and covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze. i also stated if for any particular reason have he teacher call immediately. I was also trying to explain to my kindergartener that if he feels like he’s going to get sick run to the trash.

“but mommy it’s against the rules!” I calmly explained the teacher would be utterly grateful if he got sick in the trash than on the floor. Fast forward through out the day and OMG over 101 students and 5 teachers went home?! And that didn’t include those who called out.

I spent the day with Lysol and Clorox wiping everything touchable , washing sheets, shoes etc.  I know most of you must think I’m nuts for even sending my kids. At t his point the Christmas countdown was on, a little over a week to go and if my kids were going to get sick …let’s get it done and over with. All weekend long I heard the horror stories of this inevitable bug.  It was moving through every family I knew in the school! It shall hit us soon!

The weekend went by and nothing! REALLY!!?? How could that be. Sunday night comes and our computer had a mini spark fire melt down type of thing. Nothing major but the smell went through the entire house. By monday morning, my kindergarten son exclaimed he had a headache and his tummy hurt. I chose to keep him home anyway. He went back to sleep till 1030 am and once he woke. Let me tell you…the child raised hell around the house….hours of playing and non stop eating. No fever, no puking no nothing. Tuesday morning ,he was great off to school the children went…..

Tuesday afternoon the school nurse calls with the news of my son puking in school! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!? I rush to the school with my 2-year-old and get him bucket ready and gloves. He gets in the car and says, “mommy  I don’t need a bucket! I’m fine”

Now mind you since 130 pm Tuesday through all day today my son did not get sick once! He played in the snow, ran around playing soccer, legos and eating up a storm. Nothing!! Still no fever either.  I just didn’t get it, but I couldnt risk sending him off to school. I then asked him what he ate at school. Well this sums it up, two cups of hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes for their xmas party…then his healthy snack and lunch… I am feeling sick just thinking about eating all that junk. ICK!

So here we are just waiting. I’m assuming that if it is this dreaded bug that’s creeping its way throughout the school then my other two should be getting it just in time for the weekend if not sooner! If it’s just the junk food overdone then I’m just plain happy!

In the meantime I will wait it out and hope for the best! I am praying you all have a healthy holiday season and a healthy year next year! These things are never fun when its your kids!

XOXO Mommy Alicia


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