Christmas Light Searches! Part 1

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season! Can you  believe its only 2 weeks until Christmas Eve!????!!!

During the month of December our family loves to do so many fun things. One of traditions include looking for the best christmas lights around in the Massachusetts area!  Last night we went to a house in Sutton, Ma that was simply amazing!  His company L & R Lighting does a fantastic job! The lights light up with the music! My kids had such a blast last night watching this family’s house! He has his own radio station to go along with the lights and even better he is collecting donations for the Jimmy Fund!

I always explain to my kids that this holiday season is not just about receiving gifts from people and like any child they do enjoy that part! But they totally understand and enjoy this time of giving as well!

So the house is on a 4 way stop intersection and its a very busy street. What most of the cars do is they pull to the side of the and wait in a line. Generally after each song a car will put out and everyone moves up!  So if you’re in the area look this house up! It is a must see on our Christmas light adventure!

Check out the link below on our You tube Page to see the show!  And if your in the area make a donation to the Jimmy Fund in his donation box!!!!

L & R Lighting Christmas Lights

XOXO Mommy Alicia


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