Thanksgiving week!

Thanksgiving week!

The holidays are now upon us and I am certainly not ready. Where did this year go?! I have once again fallen behind on my updates and adventures. While currently trying to regroup after this past week, I am also trying to get into that holiday spirit!

As any holiday comes around there is alway sure to be that chaos. Our chaos was a fun, yet the tiring kind. My daughter was to perform in the Nutcracker ballet and with only 2 days of school the week of thanksgiving break, we still managed to spend 37 extra hours at the Theater rehearsing for the show. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, thanksgiving off and shows on friday, Saturday, sunday. I am very grateful she had such a great opportunity to be able to perform with many local ballerinas and professional ones as well who flew in from London, Brazil, Australia and someĀ states around the US.

I know why would I allow my 7-year-old to spend this much time at the theater!? Well she auditioned and because she was in all 5 shows, she was required by the director to be at every rehearsal. I guess that how show business works.

The nutcracker was a wonderful experience. My daughter certainly favors ballet above all other dance forms. So many family members, class mates and dance teachers came to see her perform and enjoy this holiday classic. In between shows the director threw a cast party , and my daughter was over the moon. She was able to take pictures with the professional ballerinas, and get autographs. I’m pretty sure she was on cloud nine. It was a wonderful production.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! I apologize my cell takes bad quality!

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Mommy Alicia


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