The Election

I have been thinking all morning about this election. Trying to find the right words for both parties. I’m not going to lie its been hard. I have an opinion… I truly do and I did indeed vote, but what I did not do is express to my husband or children, family or friends to whom I voted for. In my opinion and mine only I felt I have the right to keep it only to myself.  I did however explain about voting and why it’s important to vote and what we are voting for to my kids so that they could somewhat understand.

I know my little, own opinion doesn’t truly matter to most, but I’m going to address it anyway.  From the time this campaigning began I felt as though both candidates acted like immature, school age children throwing shots at one another. And as I witnessed on facebook I saw many people act the same way. And now that the election is over this is how I feel….

I feel that the people of America have made their decision and if you voted that’s all that really matters. I respect every person and their opinions on both candidates and I respect the fact that you went out there and actually voted.  I respect the fact that we all have such strong opinions and we all want our country to be amazing.  I respect you if you’re standing up for what you believe in!

I DO NOT respect…… that facebook has turned everyone into ridiculous, degrading people themselves. Instead of coming together no matter what party we are for and trying to work together no matter who is in office, we are instead name calling, and bashing each other because of our own opinions. We are threatening our friendships because we are for opposite parties. We are letting our children hear us and see us interact wit h each other in this way. Instead of showing them we can put aside our differences and work together.  I am very saddened by all this negativity. Yes I could just get off facebook, I could just unfollow people but what difference will it make?  To say I can’t be friends with you over this or that or say we will not stand together and make a difference isn’t going to help anyone. Stop the negativity and come together.  We all want the best for our future…our children in this country.  We can’t do this alone if we are so separated!

This is what matters : Our future is right here! This is what matters : Our future is right here! These pictures right here. Look at these kids. If we teach them ourselves it will only help with the future.



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