Tiny Magician Birthday Party..Part 2

All day my little nugget waited patiently for his birthday festivities to begin. I was very anxious myself ..for two reasons. Over the course of time we have found out that our dear Shawn does not take loud noises and overwhelming situations well. He does have some sensory issues but nothing that isn’t manageable. Secondly, I also knew ahead of time the magician would be making birds and bunnies appear. My son is petrified of every animal besides a cat. Knowing all this ahead of time, I kept my fingers and toes crossed that this would all go well.

As we arrived 15 minutes early to set up our stuff, the three kids ran anxiously into building. Let me state my one and only complaint of the evening was that the party room and magic room were on the third and top floor of the building which resulted in all of us sweating even though it was 40 something degrees outside.

With that being said….. this was by far one of the best birthday parties we have had to celebrate for one of our kids. The magician was above it all. He was simply amazing and held not only the attention of 20 kids between ages 2-9 but involved the adults and had some adult humor as well.

The majority of the show, my son was the star doing his own magic. A few friends and cousins also had the chance to do some magic. Shawn had the best time being a tiny magician. When it came to the animals, he actually showed no fear and let the birds stay on his hand. The rabbit, he was a bit unsure of but managed well. The show was full of non stop laughter and memorable afternoon.

Once the show was finished we all moved over to the party room. It was a bit chaotic with so many hyped up kids, but then SPIDERMAN came! Of course the majority of the older kids blurted out that he was not the real one but my son luckily hadn’t noticed. I have to shout out to my younger cousin to whom I have always tortured with dress up and once again 15 years later he agreed once more but for my son as his idol to make an appearance! He was wonderful!! After that they did pictures with him as well as cupcakes and ice cream. At the very end the magician made balloon animals for each kid and we passed out our goody bags!

My son truly had the best time, and his face in the pictures and videos are truly priceless. He is such a blessing to us!

Enjoy the pictures from the party! We will have a youtube video posted this week!

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Xoxo mommy Alicia


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