Happy Halloween! A few days late…

As you can see, life has been moving fairly quickly. I swear there are never enough hours in the day. On Monday morning I sent the kiddos off to school in their Halloween outfits. I honestly felt bad for the teachers this week seeing as all those children would be hyped up off the trick or treating out late.

I am never a fan when Halloween falls on a weekday. After school, the three kids were eager to start their house to house visits. We made our first stop at my father’s house then ventured of to my sister in laws house. We have gone there every year so the kids could walk with their cousins.

I noticed this year that trick or treating was definitely not the same. Maybe because it fell on  monday this year and most people were still at work. I think at most we stayed out about an hour and everyone filled their bags maybe a quarter of the way. Almost every house on each street had lights off and we started around 6 pm going door to door. I remember last year the kids went to every house on the street, almost completely filling their bags.

Even though most lights were off, the night was actually very chaotic. With a group of kids ranging from age 2-9 …all they want to do is run loose. I felt as though I was the only parent paying attention and trying to keep the group together. During the course of the night my 5-year-old son, fell over a tree root on the sidewalk and scraped his leg. After that point he wanted to head back to the house. I think both my boys lasted a total of 35 minutes. My daughter could have stayed out longer for more candy, but it was a school night ad they all needed to wash up and sleep.

Once we got home, I allowed a few pieces of candy while I went through their bags. They still don’t understand the dangers and why we go through their things. Let me tell you (which im sure most of you already know) You will find anything. I luckily didn’t find anything major in the bags, thank heavens. What i did find however, was old candy wrapped in some Easter wrapping. Things like that drive me a little crazy, but in the trash it went. It is better to be safe than sorry.

So with that, I hope you all he a wonderful Halloween!
xoxo Mommy Alicia


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