A birthday for a tiny magician! Part 1

Today we are celebrating Shawn’s birthday, magician style! This little nugget will be turning 6 in 10 days, but we are celebrating him early due to his sisters Nutcracker debut and rehearsals.

Shawn is a very special boy in my life! I honestly can’t believe he’s going to be 6 years old soon. So let me tell you a story about this young guy here.

Rewind to February 2010, I found out I was once again pregnant. This was a very trying time for me. My mother was in hospice with a few months to live. She was suffering from Lung and throat cancer. I remember visiting her at the hospice house and telling her of the wonderful news.

Fast Forward a few months. I had an ultrasound to check his heart beat and that was the day I found out he was a boy! I had some more ultrasounds and the tech noticed he had some cysts on his brain.  After looking over some testing, I was told that he would also suffer from downs syndrome and we would not know the severity until birth. My heart grew heavy with sadness. Not only was my mother dying but the thought of this without her by my side rushed many emotions. I knew however that this would still never change my mind about havinghim. God had a plan for us and he would give us what he thought we could handle as hard as the news was to hear it.

I went to visit my mother the next day alone so i could share the news. As clear as day my mother looked at me and said “do not worry. When it is my time to go I will have a chat with God and take all these problems away.” We held hands and said a prayer (she was not very religious, but she knew how upset i was) She then added “by the way your son is going to be born my wedding anniversary” I just let out a little laugh. There was no way possible she would make this happen.

Moving forward a few weeks, and both my mother and grandfather passed 11 days within each other. I prayed every night for her and what she said.

November 16th… 8 am (my parent’s wedding anniversary) …i started having contractions and i was in complete shock. I was not due until the week of Thanksgiving. Was this really happening? My little guy is really going to make his magical entrance on this day like my mother said? That he did, later that night shortly after dinner, he made his arrival. He was simply perfect. He was checked out for everything.

Guess what, almost 6 years later and my very energetic guy is perfect. He has was born with no cysts and no down syndrome and a perfect heart! Its like magic.

Over the past few years Shawn has grown so much. He was always a funny guy with the best baby faces and a kid who literally enjoyed everything in life. He is currently in school full-time and he is indeed special. He enjoys karate and soccer and is a math whiz. He understands how to multiply numbers in his head and can give you an answer in less than 5 seconds. He is amazed by magic of all kinds, which is why we chose to give him a magician for his birthday.  I will not always be doing these crazy kinds of birthdays for my kids but every once in a while i feel like a little magic (in his case) isn’t so bad!


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Stay tuned for Part 2!
xoxo mommy Alicia


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