Dreaming of vacation!

Anyone who knows me, knows my big thing in life is to travel! I almost feel as though I would rather shower my kids with life’s adventures than spoiling them all year long with toys… ( which btw I definitely do not do!) As a kid, my parents loved to travel, mainly outside the US to tropical places, but it became such a  huge part in my life.

Before my husband and I got married, we had said we would do a big vacation every few years and small trips every year. At the time we of course had no idea how having one child after the next would slightly alter those plans. And then even more so as they entered school. Now the only time for us to travel is school breaks or summer. Before our eldest was in kindergarten we loved being able to have the freedom to just go away during the week. We would often travel to New Hampshire in the fall and every place would be empty. Ah, those were the days!

I feel lucky though. I have to admit many people would say that traveling with more than 2 children is quite taxing. I actually quite enjoy it! I look forward to watching them enjoy the same things and places as, ask questions, and their facial expressions.

Alas, as the cold weather approaches I can only dream of a get away. We went to Disney world this past January. Oh, I know! What am I complaining about?! well, im not! I am just dreaming.  I actually count down the days until my husband says those words ” Let’s plan Disney again!” or ” how about a nice long beach vacation!”

As our 2016 year ends and we are getting ready to ring in the new year, we have decided we would try to save up. We would love to take the kids to Hershey Park this year, and try out the Cape Codder resort in Cape Cod!  I hope to do a review on those if we can make it out there! We also decided to get our youngest a passport! We want to take them up to Canada again and experience Niagara falls on the Canadian side!

One Vacation I would love to try to get to is Hawks Cay in the Florida Keys.  They have a small water area for the kids with a pirate ship, and a beautiful lagoon they can swim in and snorkel. As far as I could tell, I did not see much of a beach area aside of the lagoon. I also noticed they had dolphin encounters. My husband is not a huge fan of the tropics, so this is probably the best we will get until the kids are older!

Where is your dream vacation?!

Until then let’s keep dreaming!


XoXo Mama Alicia


School Conferences, Holiday Pictures, and house chaos! OH MY!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend!? What did you guys do?  Can you believe its only 10 days until Thanksgiving?!?! So we had a pretty busy week as per norm in our household… The kids had a half day of school on Thursday so we went to parent teacher conferences. The kids did amazing which was nice to hear especially my son! It’s nice to see and hear that he is so well mannered at school and befriends the kids in his class, whereas at home he becomes a complete nightmare some days.  I have to say though, as I was waiting in the hallway to come in to the classroom each kid had a picture of something they were thankful for!  This is what my son drew:


I love him sooo much even if he drew me with 6 fingers and barely any hair! HAHA

So the next day everyone had off for Veteran’s day! Which by the way I want to thank all those who have served past and present and those who may serve in the future!  I appreciate it so greatly!

So on that day we spent it trying to get stuff done around the house. I was not feeling myself but alas we must get our house stuff done. I then decided to venture a chance by getting all 3 kids dressed up and doing their Christmas pictures a little early because of our busy schedule. Now every Christmas card i have ever sent was of my kids as they grew always dressed up. This year i wanted to try something else: PJs and christmas lights.  My kids were not cooperating well as they were tired but we got a few good ones.  The next day we did our formal pictures. I took them at home because trying to get my 3 in a studio was not going to happen and as beautiful as those photographers are I am not spending all that money. So this is a sneak peek just for you readers!

We ended up spending the rest of the weekend working around the house. My daughter and i pulled out our christmas lights! I know it’s not even thanksgiving yet!! BUT… her schedule the next two weeks for the nutcracker are crazy and we like to light the house up on black friday! Her shows are actually all thanksgiving weekend.  We started to test and put some up. The kids also made their sign. Every year we donate toys for tots but we hold a collection as well. This way the kids know that Christmas is not just about getting but receiving and its very fun to go buy for other kids!


So all in all we had a super busy weekend! This week we will be celebrating my son’s actual 6th birthday. Also helping prepare for our schools annual Christmas fair, my daughters ccd retreat and the nutcracker rehearsals!


Hope you all had a great weekend!

XOXO Mommy Alicia

The Election

I have been thinking all morning about this election. Trying to find the right words for both parties. I’m not going to lie its been hard. I have an opinion… I truly do and I did indeed vote, but what I did not do is express to my husband or children, family or friends to whom I voted for. In my opinion and mine only I felt I have the right to keep it only to myself.  I did however explain about voting and why it’s important to vote and what we are voting for to my kids so that they could somewhat understand.

I know my little, own opinion doesn’t truly matter to most, but I’m going to address it anyway.  From the time this campaigning began I felt as though both candidates acted like immature, school age children throwing shots at one another. And as I witnessed on facebook I saw many people act the same way. And now that the election is over this is how I feel….

I feel that the people of America have made their decision and if you voted that’s all that really matters. I respect every person and their opinions on both candidates and I respect the fact that you went out there and actually voted.  I respect the fact that we all have such strong opinions and we all want our country to be amazing.  I respect you if you’re standing up for what you believe in!

I DO NOT respect…… that facebook has turned everyone into ridiculous, degrading people themselves. Instead of coming together no matter what party we are for and trying to work together no matter who is in office, we are instead name calling, and bashing each other because of our own opinions. We are threatening our friendships because we are for opposite parties. We are letting our children hear us and see us interact wit h each other in this way. Instead of showing them we can put aside our differences and work together.  I am very saddened by all this negativity. Yes I could just get off facebook, I could just unfollow people but what difference will it make?  To say I can’t be friends with you over this or that or say we will not stand together and make a difference isn’t going to help anyone. Stop the negativity and come together.  We all want the best for our future…our children in this country.  We can’t do this alone if we are so separated!

This is what matters : Our future is right here! This is what matters : Our future is right here! These pictures right here. Look at these kids. If we teach them ourselves it will only help with the future.


Tiny Magician Birthday Party..Part 2

All day my little nugget waited patiently for his birthday festivities to begin. I was very anxious myself ..for two reasons. Over the course of time we have found out that our dear Shawn does not take loud noises and overwhelming situations well. He does have some sensory issues but nothing that isn’t manageable. Secondly, I also knew ahead of time the magician would be making birds and bunnies appear. My son is petrified of every animal besides a cat. Knowing all this ahead of time, I kept my fingers and toes crossed that this would all go well.

As we arrived 15 minutes early to set up our stuff, the three kids ran anxiously into building. Let me state my one and only complaint of the evening was that the party room and magic room were on the third and top floor of the building which resulted in all of us sweating even though it was 40 something degrees outside.

With that being said….. this was by far one of the best birthday parties we have had to celebrate for one of our kids. The magician was above it all. He was simply amazing and held not only the attention of 20 kids between ages 2-9 but involved the adults and had some adult humor as well.

The majority of the show, my son was the star doing his own magic. A few friends and cousins also had the chance to do some magic. Shawn had the best time being a tiny magician. When it came to the animals, he actually showed no fear and let the birds stay on his hand. The rabbit, he was a bit unsure of but managed well. The show was full of non stop laughter and memorable afternoon.

Once the show was finished we all moved over to the party room. It was a bit chaotic with so many hyped up kids, but then SPIDERMAN came! Of course the majority of the older kids blurted out that he was not the real one but my son luckily hadn’t noticed. I have to shout out to my younger cousin to whom I have always tortured with dress up and once again 15 years later he agreed once more but for my son as his idol to make an appearance! He was wonderful!! After that they did pictures with him as well as cupcakes and ice cream. At the very end the magician made balloon animals for each kid and we passed out our goody bags!

My son truly had the best time, and his face in the pictures and videos are truly priceless. He is such a blessing to us!

Enjoy the pictures from the party! We will have a youtube video posted this week!

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Xoxo mommy Alicia

Happy Halloween! A few days late…

As you can see, life has been moving fairly quickly. I swear there are never enough hours in the day. On Monday morning I sent the kiddos off to school in their Halloween outfits. I honestly felt bad for the teachers this week seeing as all those children would be hyped up off the trick or treating out late.

I am never a fan when Halloween falls on a weekday. After school, the three kids were eager to start their house to house visits. We made our first stop at my father’s house then ventured of to my sister in laws house. We have gone there every year so the kids could walk with their cousins.

I noticed this year that trick or treating was definitely not the same. Maybe because it fell on  monday this year and most people were still at work. I think at most we stayed out about an hour and everyone filled their bags maybe a quarter of the way. Almost every house on each street had lights off and we started around 6 pm going door to door. I remember last year the kids went to every house on the street, almost completely filling their bags.

Even though most lights were off, the night was actually very chaotic. With a group of kids ranging from age 2-9 …all they want to do is run loose. I felt as though I was the only parent paying attention and trying to keep the group together. During the course of the night my 5-year-old son, fell over a tree root on the sidewalk and scraped his leg. After that point he wanted to head back to the house. I think both my boys lasted a total of 35 minutes. My daughter could have stayed out longer for more candy, but it was a school night ad they all needed to wash up and sleep.

Once we got home, I allowed a few pieces of candy while I went through their bags. They still don’t understand the dangers and why we go through their things. Let me tell you (which im sure most of you already know) You will find anything. I luckily didn’t find anything major in the bags, thank heavens. What i did find however, was old candy wrapped in some Easter wrapping. Things like that drive me a little crazy, but in the trash it went. It is better to be safe than sorry.

So with that, I hope you all he a wonderful Halloween!
xoxo Mommy Alicia

A birthday for a tiny magician! Part 1

Today we are celebrating Shawn’s birthday, magician style! This little nugget will be turning 6 in 10 days, but we are celebrating him early due to his sisters Nutcracker debut and rehearsals.

Shawn is a very special boy in my life! I honestly can’t believe he’s going to be 6 years old soon. So let me tell you a story about this young guy here.

Rewind to February 2010, I found out I was once again pregnant. This was a very trying time for me. My mother was in hospice with a few months to live. She was suffering from Lung and throat cancer. I remember visiting her at the hospice house and telling her of the wonderful news.

Fast Forward a few months. I had an ultrasound to check his heart beat and that was the day I found out he was a boy! I had some more ultrasounds and the tech noticed he had some cysts on his brain.  After looking over some testing, I was told that he would also suffer from downs syndrome and we would not know the severity until birth. My heart grew heavy with sadness. Not only was my mother dying but the thought of this without her by my side rushed many emotions. I knew however that this would still never change my mind about havinghim. God had a plan for us and he would give us what he thought we could handle as hard as the news was to hear it.

I went to visit my mother the next day alone so i could share the news. As clear as day my mother looked at me and said “do not worry. When it is my time to go I will have a chat with God and take all these problems away.” We held hands and said a prayer (she was not very religious, but she knew how upset i was) She then added “by the way your son is going to be born my wedding anniversary” I just let out a little laugh. There was no way possible she would make this happen.

Moving forward a few weeks, and both my mother and grandfather passed 11 days within each other. I prayed every night for her and what she said.

November 16th… 8 am (my parent’s wedding anniversary) …i started having contractions and i was in complete shock. I was not due until the week of Thanksgiving. Was this really happening? My little guy is really going to make his magical entrance on this day like my mother said? That he did, later that night shortly after dinner, he made his arrival. He was simply perfect. He was checked out for everything.

Guess what, almost 6 years later and my very energetic guy is perfect. He has was born with no cysts and no down syndrome and a perfect heart! Its like magic.

Over the past few years Shawn has grown so much. He was always a funny guy with the best baby faces and a kid who literally enjoyed everything in life. He is currently in school full-time and he is indeed special. He enjoys karate and soccer and is a math whiz. He understands how to multiply numbers in his head and can give you an answer in less than 5 seconds. He is amazed by magic of all kinds, which is why we chose to give him a magician for his birthday.  I will not always be doing these crazy kinds of birthdays for my kids but every once in a while i feel like a little magic (in his case) isn’t so bad!


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Stay tuned for Part 2!
xoxo mommy Alicia