My littlest little…isn’t so little anymore!

So I have noticed my pattern of blogging on a sunday night instead of during the week. These days are flying by and honestly have so much going on. So tonight’s little blog is on my littlest, little one who is just growing up WAY too fast. Please stop… I beg of him.

I feel as though I am having so many mixed emotions, not sure if it’s because he’s growing so fast or if it’s because my husband and I have been hoping God blesses us with another healthy one for almost a year now or maybe I’m just a normal, hormonal mama! Aren’t we all though? I mean really ….

So this week has been insanely crazy. The older kids have so many activities going on with school and they are gearing up for Halloween (which im honestly dreading but that’s a post for another day) I’ve been carting them to their after school activities all the while trying to keep up the [pace with projects and cleaning at home….. On top of that Thursday, I decided to just take the diaper off and see what happens.

Let’s rewind though. So my husband hs been lucky enough to get some tickets to see the Boston Celtics and he has been trying to take each kid to a game so its fair. Such a great daddy he is!  So on Monday, he decided to take Mr. Nate to his first game. In my opinion i thought he seemed a bit young but the kid is obsessed with sports. He had such a  great time! During the week I have been watching him become so much more self-sufficient, that im actually sad that he doesn’t seem to need me anymore.. Yes i know im crazy he’s a 2.5 year old..of course he needs me! I’m not stupid!  It’s just weird he goes on his own merry way, happy as a clam and sits and plays with his trucks and trains. He still gives me his hugs and kisses, but teases me a lot and runs from them. He even graduated his first session of gymnastics. Nathan is going to be three in February and I’m just not ready.

What I was ready for was no more diapers.  I have waited long enough. With my first I trained her 3 days straight and she had number 1 perfect in less than 24 hours but she must have had over 100 accidents. I trained her at the age of 2. My second i wanted till we came back from Disney and he was 3 months from turning 3. He ended up getting number 2 faster than number 1 (maybe its a boy thing) . He also had a million accidents. This time around I just decided to pull the diaper trigger and off it went. Bare bottom around the house the entire day and told him if he had to pee to run to the potty… and that he did!  Wait, what?! First try????? what is this craziness!?

On with the day we went… and with that being said as I was sitting here writing out my bills he runs to the potty and screams he went number 2. WHAT!!!!??? Is this normal?  Oh wait here’s the best part not once but twice he went by himself. SMART KID! Thank you Lord!! Now its been 3 days of training and he has had 3 accidents in 3 days!? I see a wonderful light and a savings of $50.00 a month on diapers….

I’m still sad though… could he be my last? I can’t complain I have three beautiful healthy ones and if this is what im meant to be i have to get over it. Cant he just stop growing though just for a bit!? 2 is my favorite age!

So as I end this for the night. Hug those little ones and give them those extra kisses! I know I will!

XoXo Mommy Alicia


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