The back up emergency bag….

Ok so what could this possibly be about? Now I don’t want to jinx anything but the one thing I have learned 100% to have on hand in my car at all times is that wonderful extra bag. I don’t know about you all but from what it seems like in my life, my kids always tend to get a stomach virus while in the car. I honestly feel like at that point there is no quick way to save the puke from getting on everything.

What have i learned after 3 kids? Well, actually after the first two I have decided to always…ALWAYS make sure I have these essentials in my car:

  • 2 old towels (clean but ones you may not use anymore)
  • An extra outfit for each child and even 2 for the smallest one
  • I always have 2-3 water bottles in my car (chances are your going to need to pour some water on them, the towel, or even the car seat to clean it up a bit)
  • A supply of plastic grocery bags (especially for the older ones)
  • plastic disposable gloves (if your anything like me…. you freak out at the site of puke and If i can help it i will keep myself covered whether its my kid or not!)
  • Paper towels an entire roll!
  • Some cleaning spray as well non toxic cleaning spray

I only thought about writing this up because I was reminiscing as my son told me the other day he did not feel well and I panicked because I could not get to my bag fast enough. In the end it was only a bathroom issue …you know the kind when you kid hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a while and gets a stomach ache from holding it in? YUP! That right my kid!  I would rather have that though than anything else.

im sure most of you already know what to keep stocked in your car, but it’s always great to just have that reminder to stock up!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy fall season!

xoxo Mommy Alicia


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