Prepping for the Yard Sale and having a George filled weekend!

So once again, my apologies! I have been so incredibly busy my mind can’t focus right. The past week has been an explosion of events both good and bad. Where should I even possibly begin?

Well on friday, my son was thrilled because he was allowed to take Curious George home for the weekend and document their adventures with photos in their journal.  Each week one kindergarten student is the topic of the week , where they learn about their new friend and their family and hobbies. My son was over the moon because he was the first child to be picked.

Shawn’s little adventure with George began when Daddy picked him up at home and was going to take him to the Boston Celtics Practice! How awesome is that!?!?  Those guys sure did have a great night out!  On Sunday we took everyone to our local farm. The kids were able to enjoy seeing some baby cows and horses up close while doing a little pumpkin hunt, followed by a stop at the country store!

In between all of Shawn and George’s adventures, hubby and I were prepping the house for an appraisal we had coming that next week as well as decluttering and toy purging. I was combining my items with a friend of mine for a yard sale.  I can’t believe how many things I really had and I still have so much more. My daughter decided to go to the yard sale as well and sell freshly baked cookies to put towards her dance competition. She made a whopping $25 , but you know what??? It’s not the money that matters, she was learning at a young age how to work to make money, be independent and save up for something. I felt it was a great lesson for her.

All in all the weekend flew by last week but it was a wonderful time for all!


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