My littlest little…isn’t so little anymore!

So I have noticed my pattern of blogging on a sunday night instead of during the week. These days are flying by and honestly have so much going on. So tonight’s little blog is on my littlest, little one who is just growing up WAY too fast. Please stop… I beg of him.

I feel as though I am having so many mixed emotions, not sure if it’s because he’s growing so fast or if it’s because my husband and I have been hoping God blesses us with another healthy one for almost a year now or maybe I’m just a normal, hormonal mama! Aren’t we all though? I mean really ….

So this week has been insanely crazy. The older kids have so many activities going on with school and they are gearing up for Halloween (which im honestly dreading but that’s a post for another day) I’ve been carting them to their after school activities all the while trying to keep up the [pace with projects and cleaning at home….. On top of that Thursday, I decided to just take the diaper off and see what happens.

Let’s rewind though. So my husband hs been lucky enough to get some tickets to see the Boston Celtics and he has been trying to take each kid to a game so its fair. Such a great daddy he is!  So on Monday, he decided to take Mr. Nate to his first game. In my opinion i thought he seemed a bit young but the kid is obsessed with sports. He had such a  great time! During the week I have been watching him become so much more self-sufficient, that im actually sad that he doesn’t seem to need me anymore.. Yes i know im crazy he’s a 2.5 year old..of course he needs me! I’m not stupid!  It’s just weird he goes on his own merry way, happy as a clam and sits and plays with his trucks and trains. He still gives me his hugs and kisses, but teases me a lot and runs from them. He even graduated his first session of gymnastics. Nathan is going to be three in February and I’m just not ready.

What I was ready for was no more diapers.  I have waited long enough. With my first I trained her 3 days straight and she had number 1 perfect in less than 24 hours but she must have had over 100 accidents. I trained her at the age of 2. My second i wanted till we came back from Disney and he was 3 months from turning 3. He ended up getting number 2 faster than number 1 (maybe its a boy thing) . He also had a million accidents. This time around I just decided to pull the diaper trigger and off it went. Bare bottom around the house the entire day and told him if he had to pee to run to the potty… and that he did!  Wait, what?! First try????? what is this craziness!?

On with the day we went… and with that being said as I was sitting here writing out my bills he runs to the potty and screams he went number 2. WHAT!!!!??? Is this normal?  Oh wait here’s the best part not once but twice he went by himself. SMART KID! Thank you Lord!! Now its been 3 days of training and he has had 3 accidents in 3 days!? I see a wonderful light and a savings of $50.00 a month on diapers….

I’m still sad though… could he be my last? I can’t complain I have three beautiful healthy ones and if this is what im meant to be i have to get over it. Cant he just stop growing though just for a bit!? 2 is my favorite age!

So as I end this for the night. Hug those little ones and give them those extra kisses! I know I will!

XoXo Mommy Alicia


Halloween Photo Prop…

So over the course of the past week or so I have become a PA member for my kids school and have been going to the meetings. I don’t mind it honestly. We were all throwing out suggestions to improve or change up some of the school events aka The kid’s school Fright Night. So I’ll jump right in and be the first to say its very chaotic, loud, dark and the kids love it and most parents don’t .

I love being involved with their school. Now that my littlest is older I am able to contribute more at the school. So as I was browsing my friend pinterest looking for some ideas I came up with this photo-op idea for the kids. Just something different they could do on the side. I found one on pinterest of a picture with different halloween characters so i decide to go with it.

What I used :

  • 4×8 sheet of plywood
  • paint
  • top of a bucket to draw a circle

Not let me say this I have a creative mind but not a craetive hand. I can’t draw to save my life yet somehow this came out pretty cool. I started by sanding down the plywood and around the circles to make a smooth edge for the kids. I then penciled out an outline of each halloween character I wanted to do. I went very simple then added my own touches after two coats of paint. I used basic paint from the craft store. Here is how it went:

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Hope you like it!

XoXo Mommy Alicia

The back up emergency bag….

Ok so what could this possibly be about? Now I don’t want to jinx anything but the one thing I have learned 100% to have on hand in my car at all times is that wonderful extra bag. I don’t know about you all but from what it seems like in my life, my kids always tend to get a stomach virus while in the car. I honestly feel like at that point there is no quick way to save the puke from getting on everything.

What have i learned after 3 kids? Well, actually after the first two I have decided to always…ALWAYS make sure I have these essentials in my car:

  • 2 old towels (clean but ones you may not use anymore)
  • An extra outfit for each child and even 2 for the smallest one
  • I always have 2-3 water bottles in my car (chances are your going to need to pour some water on them, the towel, or even the car seat to clean it up a bit)
  • A supply of plastic grocery bags (especially for the older ones)
  • plastic disposable gloves (if your anything like me…. you freak out at the site of puke and If i can help it i will keep myself covered whether its my kid or not!)
  • Paper towels an entire roll!
  • Some cleaning spray as well non toxic cleaning spray

I only thought about writing this up because I was reminiscing as my son told me the other day he did not feel well and I panicked because I could not get to my bag fast enough. In the end it was only a bathroom issue …you know the kind when you kid hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a while and gets a stomach ache from holding it in? YUP! That right my kid!  I would rather have that though than anything else.

im sure most of you already know what to keep stocked in your car, but it’s always great to just have that reminder to stock up!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy fall season!

xoxo Mommy Alicia

Prepping for the Yard Sale and having a George filled weekend!

So once again, my apologies! I have been so incredibly busy my mind can’t focus right. The past week has been an explosion of events both good and bad. Where should I even possibly begin?

Well on friday, my son was thrilled because he was allowed to take Curious George home for the weekend and document their adventures with photos in their journal.  Each week one kindergarten student is the topic of the week , where they learn about their new friend and their family and hobbies. My son was over the moon because he was the first child to be picked.

Shawn’s little adventure with George began when Daddy picked him up at home and was going to take him to the Boston Celtics Practice! How awesome is that!?!?  Those guys sure did have a great night out!  On Sunday we took everyone to our local farm. The kids were able to enjoy seeing some baby cows and horses up close while doing a little pumpkin hunt, followed by a stop at the country store!

In between all of Shawn and George’s adventures, hubby and I were prepping the house for an appraisal we had coming that next week as well as decluttering and toy purging. I was combining my items with a friend of mine for a yard sale.  I can’t believe how many things I really had and I still have so much more. My daughter decided to go to the yard sale as well and sell freshly baked cookies to put towards her dance competition. She made a whopping $25 , but you know what??? It’s not the money that matters, she was learning at a young age how to work to make money, be independent and save up for something. I felt it was a great lesson for her.

All in all the weekend flew by last week but it was a wonderful time for all!