Our little adventure to Ikea and Castle Island

I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE ikea. Yes, there are some things I am not a fan of. I do not like their living room sets. But i love their closet systems and bedroom sets as well as the home section full of cute things to buy.

So what brings us to Ikea today of all days? Well, as I browsed pinterest I came across an idea for ikea hacks on how to create a lego table. my kids LOVE legos..they don’t just build and take apart and rebuild. My kids actually build and make a little village…its too bad that village takes up my entire dining table.

So the day we went there was unfortunately a weekend but it was so jammed packed with people. I had three very crazy kids who only wanted to try out every piece of furniture in the store.  As we searched for the perfect table we settled on table that was adjustable for the kids as they grow as well as two colored swivel chairs which mind you were $44.00 each! Either way the kids are excited. As of right now we have it set up and they just use the Legos on the table. We are hoping as we work on redesigning our living room/ playroom we are hoping to further the table into a cute little lego village. Below is the link to what we purchased if anyone is interested. 

Ikea Childrens Table

Ikea Children’s swivel Chair

So after long lines and our adventure my husband decided we should head to Castle Island in South Boston and have the kids watch the planes come in. As tired as I was at that moment watching the kids have that much fun was good enough for me.

Make sure to check out a few of the pictures of our adventure and little short videos. I forewarn you I am not great at videos! I myself am very self-conscious to even be on film! Bare with me as we grow and learn!

XoXo Mommy

Our short video preview for our day trip!

Be sure to check out the link above as well as subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up with our family! I know most if not all videos have been boring. I promise they will get better.


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