Family Pictures and our Rushed Yankee Candle trip!

Saturday was a very slow day. I’m not entirely sure if it was just the weather or being up all night with 2 boys who decided not to sleep through the night. Our goal initially for the day was to close the pool so that we could then work on my car for brakes and such. That did not happen. We were slow-moving up until about 11 am and then hubs put some winterizing chemicals in the pool and we randomly decided to head  out to Yankee Candle in Deerfield!

We generally take this trip twice a year in the fall season, but we really just wanted a nice day trip. We dressed our kids in their fall clothes to take our pictures, which was probably not the best idea seeing as it was rather warm that day.  Alas off we went, kids in tow , snacks and drinks and movies for the ride. We arrived at our little photo area that we go to each and every year and took some pictures.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea!

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After some exploration time and pictures we were off to Yankee Candle. We lost track of time and arrived there around 5pm. Once in the store and bathroom breaks done we went to walk around for a bit. Every time we go here we could spend hours. There is so much to see.  around 545 pm over the loud-speaker we were told that the store was closing at 6! 6!!!! Are you kidding me? It’s a saturday and you’re not open until 9?  We drove 1.5 hours to come here.  I had to get in line with my coupons and candles ( early christmas shopping) while my husband rushed the kids through the store to see the lighted villages and toy shop.  The kiddos were sad to have left so soon but we promised we would come back again.


It was a wonderful day out and even though rushed there was never a dull moment!

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Have a great weekend!

XOXO Mommy Alicia


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