The Nutcrakcer Ballet

Today was a day my daughter has been talking about for over a year now! She was able to audition for the Nutcracker Ballet in our local county. Once your child turns 7,  boys and girls are allowed to audition for a spot in their holiday show that performs on Thanksgiving weekend!

This morning we prepared her hair, and she was so filled with excitement. I told her to just try her best and have fun! I’m so incredibly proud no matter the outcome. It’s currently 9 pm and I’m honestly exhausted. She started out with a 2 hour audition and waited to see if she had a call back. She did!!! 20 minutes later she started her call back audition and we will find out the results on Wednesday.  I can honestly say that this is a great experience for anyone in the dance community. Whether she makes a spot or not I could not be happier that she had the courage to go out on that stage so young and attempt to follow through with their dancing and exercises.

And now we wait for the email to go out with results! 3 more days until we find out!

Until then!

xoxo Mommy Alicia


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