Oh the back to school chaos and Labor Day!

So my initial goal was to keep up with this daily blog! Cleary I have already fallen behind. I hope you all enjoyed your labor day weekend and hope it was more exciting than our weekend adventure! What did we do…hmm If I can remember correctly my mom brain might kick in. Oh yeah!! So we did not do anything special except work around the house and went to Home depot…but going to home depot certainly has its own adventures!  My kids and I also decorated our wrap around porch and washed the side of the house.

I don’t know about you but our weekend flew by! So as I said we ventured off to Home depot. Labor day sales meant I could buy my new country screen door (which mind you has still not been installed) That’s okay though because I’ll give my husband a little more time!


My kids generally hate when we have to run errands but once we entered Home depot they were quite amused by the Halloween decorations!!!  YES , I said it ! Ugh! I love everything about September through December but man I was not ready for it yet. Be sure to check out their you tube  video  on our channel at Home  Depot. It is still a work in progress!

Once we finished with our Home Depot trip my husband suggested we head to Ocean State for a few things and of course my kids found some art on clearance they wanted to hang on their wall. Alas we caved…mostly because we don’t often buy them things unless its their birthday or Christmas time.

So after some errands my husband suggested on taking a ride to one of our favorite places to get Italian pastries and sweets. Gerado’s Italian Bakery is by far the best of both worlds. They have freshly made italian pastries, pies and cakes of all kinds. The best part for myself however are the gluten-free treats. Their chocolate cupcakes are to die for. They have a creamy filling and the icing on top taste just as delicious.  I was always a bit concerned though as they are now currently in a shared case so I usually ask for some cupcakes if they have any in the back just to be on the safe side.  I love their gluten-free party cakes they can make and I am looking forward to that for my daughter’s first communion coming up next year!

We were hoping to close up our pool this weekend now that our son will have his cat on until the end of September but we were pressed for time. So as the holiday weekend came to an end we spent the late afternoon and night trying to get them settled in for a 4 day school week. Sounds crazy seeing as they were in school the week prior but they were resting the idea that summer was officially over!  Bedtime routine was just crazy.

Well I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Don’t forget to follow our adventure on instagram under Momlife3.0 or our youtube channel under Momlife3.0


XOXO Mommy Alicia



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