A visit to North Conway, NH


Hubby and I decided we wanted to take our little family on a trip to New Hampshire. We generally would prefer going in October but now that our middle child will be in Kindergarten full day taking time away from school gets a little harder.

Last time we came was a few years ago we had gone the weekend before Columbus weekend in October which made accommodations pretty cheap.  This time we had planned for a fun summer outing… little did we know we would have to readjust our plans due to the full arm cast you can see on my son’s arm.  (That’s a whole other story in itself)

So our plan consisted of leaving an afternoon after my daughter’s birthday party which was also readjusted to getting the cast on my son. We waited a few days and headed up North to Kennebunkport, Maine staying over night to break up the drive. Then next morning headed out to North Conway.


So let’s review this place …shall we?

Rooms: We had a double queen and sofa bed as well so we could fit all of us in the room. Guess what???? The bed’s were AMAZINGLY comfy!  It was a 350 sq ft room and newly renovated!

The entire hotel itself has so many things to do for kids! There is a small arcade and an indoor pool and hot tub, two outdoor pools with fountains…one of them being zero entry and are all heated with a hot tub. The outdoor section of the pool area also has a fire pit for at night. There is kid sized chess games, and ping-pong tables as well as a fenced in playground area which my kids absolutely loved.  inside the hotel they have times that movies are shown in their theater and ice cream social and crafts and games. The only thing i have to say is I was not a fan of the craft room, probably because no one was there. There were not any other kids there most were at the pool.

If you love to shop like myself, you’ll be happy to know that a walk across the parking lot is a shopping outlet called Settler’s Green. It’s not entirely huge but has a great selection of stores to choose from.


So we decided to order food from the hotel restaurant the mountainside restaurant for dinner and eat in our room. The boys munched on a hot dog and fries and Lex had some pasta.Of course she didn’t want much of it because it was fettucine and she wasn’t a fan. I was excited to have a gluten-free 4 cheese pasta. They had an array list fo gluten-free options, and I wish i had taken a picture of the menu. The staff was very nice about having celiac.

For breakfast the next morning my daughter and I ventured down to the same restaurant and had a girls morning. This time I did take a picture of the food. They had a pretty basic menu but if you have celiac I recommend asking things to be made separately instead of using the buffet. Breakfast was super cheap. I think all you can eat buffet for a child was $3. I honestly though i read the price wrong. They had a hot and cold buffet and make your own waffles with a waffle iron. Heres the thing that does concern me is that this is not just a gluten allergy, most people do not understand its an autoimmune disorder that eats away at your digestive system, but that’s a vent for another story. I did risk eating the buffet and I ended up fine with no reaction. Bad idea on my part.



Stay tuned for more adventures!

xoxo Mommy Alicia



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