Disney World Part 2

I honestly do not know where to begin. Our family stayed From a saturday night to a saturday morning at The Port Orleans Riverside. So I’m not going to blog every detail of our little trip but I will sum a few things up.


  •  We had hoped for slightly warmer weather and thank heavens I packed hats and gloves for the kids. The morning weather was a low of 45 degrees! I literally came from that up north and was praying to be comfortable in shorts. Every day started out that way and I do not believe that any day was warmer than 65. One of the cast members in Animal Kingdom told us that this was the coldest winter Florida had seen.  One of the mornings to Epcot was actually colder than 45 and we were up early to make our reservations. We ended up having one night of swimming which prompted us into the hot tub at Port Orleans French Quarter which was probably a bad idea…I’ll get back into that later!


  •  We LOVE character meals…but man they can be so pricey. Our first meal which has always been a must do was at Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends. That one is my husband’s favorite. I love the food there and seeing as  I have a major food allergy having celiac Disney in general is the most AMAZING place that can accommodate that!  My 2-year-old was a little leery about seeing the character but the other two jumped right in.
  • We also did a buffet at the wonderful Cape May restaurant at the Beach Club Resort. This by far my favorite and a must do each time we go. We went for dinner which ended up being late and the kids were running out of fuel. The variety of stations were wonderful. My husband has a shellfish allergy and I with celiac but once again Disney made sure we had everything we needed.  I love the idea of buffets …makes timing move quite quickly especially because we like to soak up every moment in the parks as possible.
  • On Animal Kingdom Day we tried a new place and had breakfast at Tusker House.  So here is my ho nest review I did love the dancing and character interaction. My daughter loved jumping on in with the character action. The food was pretty good nothing special for breakfast just your basics. They had limited for gluten-free items at the time. The only thing that overwhelmed me was the chaos. The characters were out going around then stopped to dance then go around again but cast members were all over the place and i saw a few people trip from time to time.
  • Our last character meal was the princess breakfast in Norway, Epcot. My husband stayed back with the books and took his time meeting us and our friends there. It was nice to have a little girl time! I loved their basic breakfast plates as did my daughter. As she is slowly growing out of the princess stage I was glad to see she still enjoyed this. I would totally od this one next time as well. Mostly because if you have someone who loves the princesses you can get to see most of them rather than standing in line and focus more on ride time!

So as for the parks. Going in January was a great idea because the wait times were soooo small. My kids must have gone on Everest at least 3 times in a row with no wait!  A few attractions were closed at the time for refurbishment, Like buzz light year and kali rapids but none the less the kids had a great time.  Shawn and Alexis I have found out were the real thrill seekers. Every roller coaster had time spent on it with the exception of Rockin Roller Coaster …just 3 inches too short.

So remember that hot tub and swimming moment? This was a thursday night and our last full day we had planned was on that friday! I had booked the BBB and Pirates League for that friday morning and was hoping to spend the entire day in Magic Kingdom and hit up a parade at night. ( That friday mind you was also my birthday)  Little did I know what was in store for us. So we all went swimming in Port Orleans French Quarter and went into the hot tub to warm up. Very few people were swimming and that was actually the warmest day of the week.

Middle of the night my poo daughter wakes sick as a dog. I was honestly keeping hope that it was something she had eaten that night.  Morning came and she was still sick. So my very patient husband ventured off to Magic kingdom with the two boys in tow, but came back a few short hours later because he was not feeling well.  We ended up all taking a nap and sleeping the friday day away. Oh well….saturday we had to go and leave and my poor daughter was still sick…this was such an awful bug and we had that plane ride home.

Our plane ride home was nothing short of an adventure to say the least. The TV’s at least were working. My 2-year-old son fell asleep for most of the plane ride but my daughter was still sick. The pilot let us know that we could not land at our destination due to wind and snow and were being rerouted to another airport about an hours drive away.  About 30 minutes prior to landing my spunky little 2-year-old Nathan decided he’s going to start throwing up. Now I have 3 people in my family not feeling well and a stewardess screaming at us to put him in the seat. Once landed not one flight member offered to help us and we were left on the plane to clean up the mess . We ended up missing the bus to our home airport because we were cleaning up the kids and getting our bags and last off the plane and all we got was a taxi home which we prayed to God that no one else got sick.  Luckily my other son and I did not get sick until the next day or 2 after our trip.  So next time we will drive and take our time and save the money to go a warmer time of the year.

During this trip we saw many characters and endured many rides and attractions. My daughter lost her first tooth, and got sick on the last day. We did face painting and saw shows. We indulged in wonderful food and rode the thrill rides until mommy and daddy couldn’t ride any more. We are a non stop family which next time …I hope to extend my stay longer and take maybe 2 days as a low-key break day. Disney has so much to offer that I felt like one week was hardly enough.

Thanks for reading about our trip! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube page  https://www.youtube.com/c/MomLife30

It’s currently a work in progress!  Oh and one more thing. If your gluten-free I highly recommend heading over to the food court at French Quarter and ask the chef for some gluten free beignets!

xoxo Alicia

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